Ways to Make Affirmations
Work for You

How To Change Your Life and Your Mind Through Positive Affirmations

If you believe in self-help, then you have probably heard all about affirmations. Perhaps in the beginning you felt a bit silly saying such flowery and loving things to yourself. However, if you stick with it, it will work wonders for you and for your life.

Any positive declarations are not simply statements that you look in the mirror and repeat to yourself over and over as you roll your eyes because you really do not believe in them. You must have certain key elements incorporated into them from the beginning.


In order for any positive declarations or affirmance to work, you must believe in them. Any affirmations that are empty or half-hearted will not work for you....ever. In order for this new belief system to work, you need to deeply believe in the any positive statements that you are making.     

For example, if you are saying to yourself that you are successful and you are really not feeling it, you may wish to change your your way of thinking a bit. For example, you may wish to state to yourself that you are capable of being successful. Start at that point. Sometimes by trying to convince yourself that you are successful when you are not in the present moment, may make you feel worse.  

Start with a statement that let’s you know that you are perfectly capable just like anyone else of being successful. Once you begin to truly believe that you are capable, then you will take action steps to prove yourself right.

Be Present

Try to stay present with yourself in the moment. Being present will allow you to act as though you are already successful. When you do not travel to the past history or worry about the future, but stay in the present, you are more able to utilize affirmations for their greatest success.

Use statements such as, “In this moment, I am capable of achieving success.” When you use current moment statements, you reap greater rewards.

Use Your Senses

When you use your senses, you are better able to feel your positive thoughts to be real. Feel what it feels like to be a published author or a successful entrepreneur. Smell the scent of the ocean as you say your vows to your new beloved. Affirm that you are lovable and deserve love as you use all your senses to heighten the statement.


Be consistent. Repeat them daily. If you can, say any positive thoughts at the same time every day or for a certain number of times each day. For example, you may wish to say that you are deserving of love every day, three times per day. 

So, if you wish to really make affirmations work for you, you have to feel them, believe them, be in the present moment, and be intentional about saying them daily.

In this manner, before you know it, everything that you have affirmed about yourself will become true in your daily life. 

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