Christian Skits and Plays

Christian Skits and Plays 

At one time or another, every kid has dreamed of being an actor. They see all their favorite stars on the television and in the movies and they want to be them. It is fun to play dress up and pretend. It lets our imagination soar to new heights. Some of the best ideas people have ever had came from such times when their minds were free. 

Skits and plays are fun activities that kids can do and parents can institute to teach Christian values and foster that love of the stage. Skits are shorter than plays and can be used when time is limited or for a Sunday school activity. Plays are longer productions that can be performed on holidays and other special occasions. 

You can surf the Internet for Christian plays and skits or make up some of your own. For older kids, they can be given an idea and allowed to run with it so to speak. They can form groups and come up with an impromptu skit to present to the class. For the parent’s part, bring in props and clothing that can be used by the kids to bring their characters to life. 

This type of activity isn’t limited to Sunday school either. For family fun night or some other night when you want to do something different, hold a skit contest. Each person can act out a scene from the Bible and have a neutral person to judge. It is like the ultimate game of charades. 

Plays are a bigger deal during holidays. Most people go all out with props, sets, costumes, and scripts. The kids are learning about the life of Jesus through their acting. On Easter they learn about his crucifixion and on Christmas, they learn about his birth. 

Skits teach other concepts and Bible stories too. Kids may be asked to perform a skit that demonstrates mercy or goodness. They will draw on their knowledge of the Bible to come up with creative stories that no one else may have thought of. There can be friendly competition involved in these activities but they are also perfect learning experiences. 

Let kids experiment with modern-day situations to demonstrate Christian values as well. By making it personal to them, they get more out of it. 

Acting is a way of expressing ourselves as another character. Children and adults get to walk a mile in the shoes of a Bible character and learn about their life.

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