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Christianity Crafts for Home or Church

Crafting is so simple and can be done by anyone. The crafts can be adjusted to age and skill level so that young kids benefit as much as their older counterparts. You can buy crafting materials from the store, use items around the house, or the best idea, a combination of the two.

Have you ever noticed that they sell things like paper towel rolls and Popsicle sticks in the craft store? My mom used to wash the sticks after we ate our Popsicles and store them until we wanted to use them. I save the paper towel and toilet paper rolls as well as empty cartons and plastic jugs for crafts for the kids. There is no need to buy the things that you can find in your own kitchen and bathroom.

Paints, crayons, markers, scissors, and construction paper are the things I go to the craft store for. Your computer and printer are also useful in making crafts. Many websites have free designs and coloring pages that can be printed off to make crafts. 

Some of the simplest crafts are puppets. Hand puppets can be made out of old socks or pieces of felt glued together. Kids can decorate the puppets to resemble Bible characters. Cotton balls make great beards and white hair. Pieces of yarn are turned into hair. Puppets can be used in skits, role playing activities, or just to display. 

Instead of buying holiday cards, let the kids create their own to give to friends, teachers, and relatives. It is the thought that counts and they can pack a lot of decorative thought into a special occasion card. Proudly display the handcrafted cards that they make for the family so everyone can see them and enjoy. 

Origami is the ancient Japanese art of paper folding. When I was little we used to make paper airplanes, but this is definitely a step above. The origami patterns can be printed off the computer and the children can decorate them before folding. 

Choose patterns that correspond to different themes. The kids can create an ark full of animals along with Noah and his family. Their work can be displayed in their homes or at church as Sunday school projects. Origami is fun and all kids can be taught to do it with a little patience. 

What types of crafts interest your kids? Whether its painting, paper crafts, working with blocks, flowers, or Popsicle sticks, they can use it as a Biblical learning experience.

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