Learn the Bible through Crafts

Learn the Bible through Crafts

You know how some people learn with visual aides while others must learn through doing? The same goes for learning the Bible. Some learn through hearing a pastor speak each week while others learn through stories and other aides.

Kids pick up on things very quickly when it’s fun and exciting for them. When you make learning the Bible fun they will remember it forever. There are many ways you can learn the Bible through crafts. Here are some examples.

• Lapbooks

Lapbooks are fun for kids of all ages. You won’t see any two that are a like because they are handmade. You use a file folder and construction paper to make these. You can include a booklet, bookmarks, spin wheels, and so much more. You do whatever you want and include whatever you want.

You can create a lapbook for the New Testament, the Old Testament, Noah’s Ark, and so many more. Any story that is in the Bible can be turned into a lapbook. Fore more information or to see pictures of lapbooks, you can go to lapbookladies.com or lapbooklessons.com

• Felt crafts

Felt material is a wonderful way to make crafts. Felt comes in a variety of colors which makes it easy to make things with. You can make banners, scenes, pictures, and more. Here are some ideas to use for felt craft projects.

o Nativity scenes
o Noah’s Ark
o 10 Commandments
o The Red Sea

• Foam projects

With foam pieces you can make so many different things. Kids can be creative when they use foam. All you do is cut out the main pieces and then kids can use other foam pieces or stickers to decorate with. Here are some ideas to use.

o Crowns
o Visors
o Bookmarks
o Door hangers
o Wall decorations (fish, butterfly’s, the sun, etc)

• Paper plates

You would be amazed at the different things you can make with paper plates. This is another one of those projects that the kids can be creative with. You can use crayons, colored pencils, markers, pens, or pencils to make your crafts with.

One way to make these projects fun is to tell a story and have the kids create something that had to do with the story using the paper plates. You can use the story of lions den, splitting the red sea, David & Goliath, and many more.

• Paper crafts

Crafts that are made out of paper are so much fun for the kids. They can use their own creative imaginations and do what they want with them. Craft stores and discount store have many different colors of paper that you can use.

This is another one that you can use stories with. You can use crayons, colored pencils, and more when you have the kids make these. The kids can make booklets telling the story you read to them. They can also make a booklet that has the 10 commandments in it.

Kids have special ways of learning. Sometimes learning can be hard when it’s not fun. Crafts make learning fun, they enjoy learning, and they want to learn the stories and other things from the Bible. Be creative when you are trying to come up with ways to teach the kids what they need to know from the Bible.

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