How Men and Women Love Differently

We are all familiar with well-known books that state that both men and women are from completely different planets. However, to put it more simply, men and women love differently. There are certain differences but also some similarities.

How Men and Women Communicate

Men communicate more simply than women do. They say a few words; go from point A straight to point B and their good to go. Making them more tasks oriented.

However, women can call up a girlfriend and talk about an issue for hours only to rehash it again the following weekend


There may be a huge misconception on men communicate with their feelings. Men have feeling too, but many times men are taught at a young age not to cry or even to suppress their feelings. However, it is important to note that men most certainly do have feelings and that does not make the weak or any less masculine. In fact, it makes them more so.

It is important to remember when men are open to communicating, they have feelings too, but they may not show them as easily as women do.


Goals and Multi-Tasking

Back in the day, men had to focus on one thing and one thing only and that was to hunt, capture, kill and bring food back for the family. Women, as far back as we can remember, were able to cook the food, tend to the children, and care for the elderly.

Women may simply be better at multi-tasking than men because of their genetic makeup. So, when expecting a man to do multiple tasks, don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t get done the way a woman would get the tasks done.

Men may be able to focus more and sometimes may forget to do other things because of his intense focusing abilities. Women may simply be more geared to doing many things at once.

Showing Affection

Again, it is possible that men show affection differently than women. Women may be more giving and nurturing whereas a man may show affect on occasion and not as intense as a woman.

This may go back to men being raised not to show affection as young boys.

These are just some of the ways that men and women differ in showing love. Of course, there is always compromise on both sides.

For men the possibility exists that being in love may mean a lifelong commitment and that may provoke fear and emotions that he is not ready for something so powerful. Perhaps, a man in love still needs to feel some sense of control over his life, maybe not.

For women, being in love is more of a positive feeling in the early in love stages. Bliss and happiness are present before fear.

Sometimes simply understanding the differences and respecting them, not taking it personal and trying to come to a middle ground is what works for both parties in a relationship.