Christian Activites For Kids

Church Activities - Whoever said church had to be boring obviously didn’t get a chance to learn about God and the Bible in fun, kid-friendly ways. 

Christian Board Games & Card Games - Looking for a good activity to use in a church group or for a relaxing family game night? Consider board and/or card games that teach values as you have fun. 

Travel Games for Christian Kids - Traveling doesn’t have to be boring. With the Bible as a guide, there are plenty of games that can be used to teach values and fun at the same time. 

Christian Skits and Plays - Skits and plays are fun activities that kids can do and parents can institute to teach Christian values and foster that love of the stage

Outdoor Fun for Christianity - Playing outdoors is not something that kids do a lot of these days but you can change that with some fun and games in the sunshine. Here are some ideas for outdoor fun with a Christian theme. 

Online Christian Kids Games - Kids can learn to use the Internet for other things besides surfing sites they shouldn’t be on and getting into trouble. 

Christian Musical Activities - We might not all be able to sing, but I know very few people who don’t like to sing. Even if you are a shower or car diva, singing lifts the spirits. It makes us happy. Here are suggestions for fun and educational Christian musical activities.

Christian Themed Movie Night - Establish a movie night in your family. Choose to watch wholesome movies that are appropriate for the entire family to enjoy. Here are ideas for Christian movie night themes.

Christianity Crafts - What types of crafts interest your kids? Whether its painting, paper crafts, working with blocks, flowers, or Popsicle Sticks, they can use it as a Biblical learning experience. 

Cooking Fun for Kids of God - The kitchen is the favorite part of many homes. It is where families gather most to share their joys, tears, and laughs over a good meal. Why not let the kids prepare that meal tonight and have a little good family togetherness and fun in the process. 

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