Angel Cross Necklace

Our Angel Cross Necklaces are one-of-a-kind and designed exclusively by Faithful Cross. You won't find another anywhere on the internet.

All necklaces are handmade, using nails, colored wire of your choice, an adjustable simulated leather cord and gold filigree angel wings. They measure approximately 2 1/2" wide and 2" high.

These have a 30-32" black adjustable leather cord attached to the cross. The necklace can be worn as a choker or a longer type necklace since it is adjustable.

Each beautifully handcrafted cross necklace is packaged in it's own individual zip lock bag.

Be sure to buy one for yourself, and buy one for a friend too! 

Amethyst Angel Cross ~ $12.00

Amethyst & Yellow Angel Cross ~ $12.00

Amethyst, White & Orange Angel Cross ~ $12.00

Black Angel Cross ~ $12.00

Black, Amethyst & Gold Angel Cross ~ $12.00

Black & Gold Angel Cross ~ $12.00

Black & Orange Angel Cross ~ $12.00

Black, White & Gold Angel Cross ~ $12.00

Camouflage Angel Cross ~ $12.00

Electric Blue & Light Green Angel Cross ~ $12.00

Gold, Christmas Green & Gray Angel Cross ~ $12.00

Gold & Navy Angel Cross ~ $12.00

Forest Green & Gold Angel Cross ~ $12.00

Green, Hot Pink Electric Blue Angel Cross ~ $12.00

Green, White & Red Angel Cross ~ $12.00

Gray & Copper Angel Cross ~ $12.00

Hot Pink Angel Cross ~ $12.00

Hot Pink, Yellow & Amethyst Angel Cross ~ $12.00

Light Green Angel Cross ~ $12.00

Light Green & Electric Blue Angel Cross ~ $12.00

Light Pink & Sea Moss Angel Cross ~ $12.00

Maroon & Gold Angel Cross ~ $12.00

Orange & Black Angel Cross ~ $12.00

Gray, Electric Blue & Black Angel Cross ~ $12.00

Patriotic Angel Cross ~ $12.00

Hot Pink, Amethyst & Yellow Angel Cross ~ $12.00

Red, White & Black Angel Cross ~ $12.00

Royal Blue, Gold & Red Angel Cross ~ $12.00

Royal Blue, Gold & White Angel Cross ~ $12.00

Royal Blue & White Angel Cross ~ $12.00

White, Gold & Black Angel Cross ~ $12.00

White, Orange & Navy Angel Cross ~ $12.00

Red Angel Cross ~ $12.00

Royal Blue Angel Cross ~ $12.00

Royal Blue & Orange Angel Cross ~ $12.00

Can't find the color you want? I would be happy to take special requests if you do not see the color necklace you are looking for. I can also customize your necklace if you would like a two-color or three-color cross as shown above.

View our cross colors here:

Cross Meaning

The Disciple's Cross™ is made up of three distinct components. The nails are symbolic of the spikes driven into the hands and feet of the Lord Jesus.

The twisted wire symbolizes the crown of thorns.

The cord symbolizes the leather straps used to beat Jesus.

As you carry your Cross with you, consider the sacrifice that Jesus made for you and take up your cross and follow him.

Hot Pink, Amethyst, Royal & White Angel Crosses

Maroon, Desert Sand, Camouflage & Light Pink Angel Cross

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