The Bible is the Greatest
"How-To Book" Ever Written

The Bible is one of the great gifts given to us by God. It is the word of God. It is a roadmap for our lives, containing information on everything. The Bible tells us how to be a productive Christian, a successful family, a loving parent, and the list goes on. The Bible not only gives us instructions, but also examples. 

The Bible is the greatest “How-to” book ever written, however if we do not read and study it, we can not find out how to do what we should. 

Reading the Bible together as a family has so many benefits. It is a great way to bond as a family, learning and discussing together. It is also essential to strengthening your faith and beliefs. There are so many character building stories and lessons to be learned from the Bible, for instance the story of the Prodigal Son. 

Many of us have heard throughout our lives, stories from the Bible. The only way to know which stories are true and why they happened, is to read and study them yourself. Being knowledgeable in the Bible also makes us a more powerful witness to those who do not believe. It is so important to be able to point others to scripture that will help them. It is also important to know why we have certain beliefs and practices. For instance, why do we celebrate Christmas and Easter? Both of these stories can be found in the Bible along with several more. Why do we believe in Creationism, rather than Darwinism, these reasons are also in there. 

There are many Bible reading guides and tools available for you to use. One great resource is a Bible guide book. It is also a great idea to keep a journal or book of notes on your study. When you find a verse that is especially helpful to you, make a note of it so you can find it again when you need a little motivation. Some people may find the Bible difficult to read because of the language used, but there are several translations available that are easy to read and understand. 

It is never too early to begin reading the Bible to your children. There are several Bibles written specifically for children, that are easy for them to understand. It is great to get into the habit of reading your Bible daily. When we teach our children from the Bible, it is easier for them to stand against other stories and teachings that they know are untrue. 

The old saying “Knowledge is power”, really is true. The more Biblical knowledge you and your family have, the more powerful you become to stand firm on your beliefs, no matter what situation may present itself. 

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