How to Make Bible Study
Fun for Teens

How to Make Bible Study Fun

Sometimes teens are the hardest ones to teach. They procrastinate and have a hard time learning things if it’s not fun for them. This is why you need to make Bible Study fun for them. Teens range in age from 12 to 18, so you will need to work your Bible Study around that age group.

There are a number of things you can do to make it fun for them. Just remember that you don’t necessarily need to be in a home setting to do Bible Study. 

• Church youth groups

You may find the easiest way to help your teen with Bible study is to take them to a youth group at your church. The teacher will more than likely have knowledge on ways to help every age. This person will also be someone they can trust and confide in. It will also be fun for them because they will be around kids their own age. If you church doesn’t have a youth group, you might consider talking to the pastor to see if it is something that could be started to help all the teens in your church group.

• Activities 

Teens learn while others are around. Just because you are not in a home setting, doesn’t mean they won’t learn. You could do activities around your community and discuss the Bible while doing them. Activities could be mowing yards, shoveling walks, or picking up trash along side the road. These are all activities that can be done around Bible Study. Before the work begins, you pray, during the work you discuss a certain story or verse in the Bible, and then pray after the work is complete. 

• Teen Bible Study 

Inviting your teen’s friends to your house and having a group Bible Study would be a great way to get the Bible Study time in and have the friends around at the same time. This could be done on a daily or weekly basis and you could take turns doing it at one another’s house. Provide snacks and something to drink and they will be happy for hours. 

• Bible Study with others 

Sometimes it may be difficult for your teen to do Bible Study with you. For whatever reason it maybe easier for your teen to learn from another adult figure. If this is the case, you can take them to your church or other location for them to get the Bible Study they need. It’s possible there are many other teens that are the same way. Teens have a hard time talking about certain subjects with their parents. It’s important that they have Bible Study, so you will want to accommodate them when you can. 

Teenagers have a difficult time during this age. Bible Study is important for them to have and making it fun and exciting is the best way to do it. Figure out what your teen enjoys doing and working the Bible Study into it. They will be more willing to learn and remember when you do this for them.

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