Bible Study time for your Marriage

Having Bible study time is important for all Christians. It should be done at least weekly so you can stay in touch with God. When you are married, you should do it as a couple. Bible study for couples is a way to share their faith with each other and share what God shows you with the other.

There are many ways to work your Bible study together. This article will give you those ideas.

• Study kits

You can go to your local Christian bookstore or go online and purchase study kits that are designed specifically for couples. It will contain booklets for you to use that will guide you through the Bible and give you study papers as well.

It doesn’t matter if this is your first time with Bible study or if you have been doing it for years, these kits will help you. Sometimes we don’t know how to do it properly or we run out of things to learn and that’s where these kits will help you.

• Activity kits

Activity kits are great because they help you study and they help you stay close as a couple. Usually these kits contain Bible verses that you can read, an activity to do, and then study information. You might also find cards that will help you grow in the Lord and you might also find cards to grow slower together as a couple.

• Books

There are books that you can purchase that are specific for Bible study time. These are basically books that you read and discuss together. You will need to either read them separately or together. If you read them together you can take turns reading aloud or one of you can read the book to the other. Find what works for you and stick to it.

• Websites

There are websites that offer daily or weekly Bible verses and newsletters that may help you if you choose to do your Bible study on your own. These daily or weekly verses will give you a start. Read through them and then look at the back of your Bible for related verses.

• Online Bible study

There are websites online that offer Bible study sessions. Basically they will give you a step by step guide based on what you are to study. It may include a prayer, verses to read, questions to discuss, and a closing prayer. Each site you find may be different in what they offer, so find one that you like.

Bible study time is very important for any Christian. It gives you the private time you need to pray and spend time with God. It will help you feel good and it will keep you going. When you are married it’s important to have your study time together as a couple. These five tips will help you find a way to do your Bible study time together. Find what works for both of you and get started right away.

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