Bible Teaching through Games

Bible Teaching through Games

We all like to be challenged. Games challenge our intelligence and creativity. We learn to think outside the box. Use various games to teach the Bible to your kids. 

The Bible is adaptive. While the truths told there do no change, the way that they are presented has morphed throughout the years. For most of the popular board and computer games on the market, there is a biblical counterpart you can find to use as a teaching tool. 

One that springs to mind is Mad Gab. This game is funny because you are using made-up words to be the sounds for a phrase the team is trying to figure out. You concentrate so much on the made-up words that you never realize what it is you are trying to say or how to pronounce it. 

The game has been adapted to Bible verses. The made-up words are clues to figure out Bible verses. The team that guesses the most verses wins. 

There are other card games like The Ten Commandments and Redemption. They rival the more popular card games on the market today. Kids learn about Bible heroes and villains and what role each plays in the Bible. 

Board games are fun for families who want to use the Bible in all areas of their lives. Bibleopoly is like Monopoly but with Bible characters. For younger kids, memory games with Bible verses and pictures of Bible characters teach basic cognitive skills. Kids will ask about those faces and you can tell the story of these Bible faces. 

What can you do for kids who are into computer games? In this day and age, kids love technology. It is all around them and they know how to use it better than many adults. For the video gamer, try PC games like the ones based on the VeggieTales videos. Young kids have the chance to be Minnesota Cuke in his latest adventure or Larry Boy saving Bumblyburg once again. 

Games bring out the laughter and togetherness inside of all of us. Even teens love to play games. You can think up your own biblical based version of some popular games to play with your kids. Charades can be played with Bible clues and so can other games like Win, Lose, or Draw.

Who thought that playing games would help learn the teaching of the Bible? They can and do for all age groups. Shop at your favorite Christian store in person or online to find a great selection of games or create your own. 

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