Biblical Crafts for Grade Schoolers

Biblical Crafts for Grade Schoolers

When we were young we loved to make things with our hands. Kids are visual learners. If they can see it, they can learn to understand it and imagine beyond that. Here are some ideas for biblical crafts to teach the Bible to grade school children. 

When we speak of grade schoolers we are talking about school age children from around five to ten. They represent kids in kindergarten through fifth grade. Kids at this stage have a love of learning. Give them the shovel and show them where you want them to dig.

In this case, we want them to dig into the Bible. At a young age, kids will be eager to find the truths that the Bible holds. This is your chance as a parent and Bible teacher to expose them to the love of God through the lives He touched in the Bible. 

Crafts are fun to create and make great gifts to family and friends. The secret is to keep the items needed to construct the craft to as few as possible. Kids at this age are learning about shapes, colors, numbers, and other basic tools. Use what they are learning in school to aid with the Bible learning. 

Let them create Bible character faces. You can use free Bible coloring pages from various sites online like and craft kits from online businesses like the Oriental Trading Company. With the coloring pages, allow kids to decorate the faces of Biblical characters with different crafting items. Add cotton balls for beards; use glitter for clothing; also, markers and crayons work for decorating faces and other biblical scenes as well. 

As the kids get older, more complicated crafts can be used to teach Bible stories. Kids can learn to paint or color by numbers. Puzzle crafts are also big with kids. Learning to recognize shapes to create a bigger picture scene will surprise and amaze them. Once the puzzle is put together, the kids can explain the picture that they see. 

Avoid using small crafting objects like beads with the younger half of this age group. They could eat them or worse, stick them into ears and up noses. While we want to teach them Bible stories we don’t want them to hurt themselves. 

When choosing crafts, check to see that they represent Bible stories accurately. For instance, Noah and his family were housed in the ark. A picture that shows a town full of people on the deck of the ark would not represent the story as close to the truth as possible. It is our responsibility to teach our kids the truth without embellishments that can change the story. 

Do you like crafts? Use them to teach grade school children about the Bible and God. Every time they gaze at what they’ve made, they will be reminded of those stories.

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