Do You Include God
In Your Business Decisions?

Do You Include God In Your Business Decisions?

Owning a business can be quite a challenge. There always seems to be a decision to be made and as the business owner, you are well, the one that has to make most of them unfortunately. Do you sometimes wish you had someone to call on to help you with these decisions? If you are like most people you probably long for someone who just seems to have all the answers.

Fortunately, as a Christian business owner you have someone that does, and you can call them whenever you want. That person is God and fortunately He is always available and is ready and waiting for you to inquire. He will be there to guide you and help you, though you will need to take the first step.

Then, you may also have to wait for an answer, God is not always automatic with His answers, and sometimes they might not be the answer you were looking or hoping for, but He will always be completely honest with you.

So, do you include God in your business decisions, have you up until this point? If you don't then you should try Him. He will not fail you. In fact, He'll give you the best advice and guidance you'll ever receive.

God also has given us a written handbook to making decisions as well. Any decision that you need to make guidance can be found in God's handbook, or what we know of as the Word of God, or the Bible.

The Bible is a road map, truly a handbook to almost any decision you need to make. Sure, it may not be written in there that you need to hire Joe instead of Sam but it will help you to know what you should look for in a person to see if they are someone you should desire to work with.

The Bible outlines lots of things that will help you to know how to better make decisions. God also gives you tips and advice on what you should do if you lack wisdom and need extra guidance, that is come to Him and He will give you what you lack.

There is no reason that you as a Christian business owner should ever feel alone or unwise about your decisions when you have the best adviser out there on your side, the God of the universe and the Lord of your life.

If you haven't put Him on your speed dial for when you need to make those difficult business decisions then you need to go do it right away. Don't hesitate. You won't regret it for a minute.

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