It Takes Character to be a Christian Business Owner

It Takes Character to Be a Christian Business Owner

Owning a business can be tough, but being a Christian business owner, in a harsh secular world can be even more difficult at times. As a Christian you want to stand for something and not fall into the trap of the world, but at the same time you are often confronted with moral or ethical dilemmas that might indeed help your business but hurt your witness. What's a Christian business owner to do?

I know the answer seems clear, but honestly, it is a difficult one to make. It absolutely takes a big person to be a Christian business owner, and I don't mean physically. I mean that as a Christian business owner in order to survive in the cut throat world of business that you must be a person of character.

Christian character is defined for us throughout the Bible. Romans 5:4 says that Christian character is " the trust that comes from being tested by suffering and persecution. This makes it clear that a person becomes a person of character over time. It is not something we automatically acquire, but something that we must develop.

The Association for Christian Character Development has this to say about a person of character, "One who displays Christian character is courageous and resourceful, a force to be reckoned with even while remaining open to others and their ideas, patient in suffering and dedicated in their love for others (just as they would want others to be dedicated to them).

As you can see, being a person of character may not come naturally, but as Christian it is something we should aspire for, reach for and especially if you are a business owner, it can do nothing but good things for your business, helping you to gain trust and respect from those that you work for, alongside, or hope to work with in the future.

Character can make or break your business. So, it is important to take into consideration as you make each and every business decision. Nothing should even be considered if it will involve possible hurting your character or if it goes against your morals or beliefs.

Remember too, that you will go through some difficult times, this after all is how your character is developed, so take heart when those times come, persevere and see how your character will only be enriched as result, and more respect for you and your business will result.

Think about others that you know who you respect or admire as business owners and the things that they have experienced or gone through as a way of having their character developed, use these thoughts as encourage for you as you set out to become a person of character.

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