Helping Children Understand the Bible

Helping Children Understand the Bible

Have you tried to tell your child the story of David and Goliath? That story is about faith, knowing the promises of God, and standing strong in faith. This story is one that is good for a child going into school, having problems with other children, or a child that is starting daycare for the first time.

Noah’s Ark is one of the coolest stories in the Bible. It shows that God wanted two of every animal to save them from the floods. God has a meaning for every animal that is on this earth. It also talks about the rains that God put on the earth. Showing pictures of the ark will make this story even more interesting.

The story about how God split the sea is another good one that you can share with your children. It shows that God will protect you and save you, His child and bring you out of any situation you face.

One of the best ways to teach your children the stories of the Bible is to take those stories and make them age appropriate. For instance, the story of Jonah and the Whale, is a great story that can be told in a way that children of all ages will enjoy.

There are many stories in the Bible that will teach your children something special that is important in what they are going through at that very moment.

When you are a child, understanding the Bible can be a challenge. The words are different than what they are used to. The words also have different meanings compared to what you are used to. The Bible was designed for adults to understand. Teaching your child what it means can be a challenge for yourself. When you use the stories in the Bible and make them age appropriate, you will have success. When you make the Bible fun, the kids will be more apt to learn.

Here is a list of stories that you can tell your kids and teach to them in a way that they will never forget it.

• Noah and the Ark
• The Story of Abraham
• The Story of Isaac and Rebekah
• The Baby in the Basket
• Brave Queen Esther
• The Three Wise Men
• John the Baptist
• Jesus’ Last Supper
• Jonah and the Whale
• David and Goliath
• The Story of Paul and Silas
• The Story of the Red Sea
• The Story of Caleb and Joshua

Read through the Bible, do your research, and find all the stories that your children would enjoy. There are stories in the Bible that you can share at the exact time that your child needs them. The story of the three wise men would be perfect during the Christmas season. The story about Jesus’ last supper may be good around Easter.

When you tell the stories to your children be creative and put it in a way that they will understand and remember for the rest of their lives. These stories can be told in a way that kids from three to eighteen will remember.

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