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When I was a kid, the best part was playing. It could be indoors with my sisters or outdoors with my friends. No matter where it was, I loved to play. All kids need have the opportunity to play. 

I loved to play games. Before the computer and video games became big business, everyone played board games. They kept us occupied and using our brains even though we didn’t know it. The religious industry has taken some of the most common and most popular board games and given them a Christian twist. 

There’s nothing wrong with that. Biblical values give children a good foundation for learning right from wrong and how to become self aware. The world can be a harsh place and equipping our kids with the best of values makes parents feel better. 

Kids also like card games. Remember playing “Go Fish”? How about “Old Maid”? These games are timeless and helped us with matching and memorization. With a Christian twist, kids learn about the Bible and the lessons that it teaches. 

Instead of pictures of fish and other undersea creatures, there are pictures of disciples, profits, and events in Bible history. Kids may ask about the characters or offer up the stories about what they know of the characters on the cards. Card trivia games test our knowledge of the Bible. 

Board games also foster family time and time with friends. Kids spend too much time in front of the television or a video game console. Besides, games are fun and everyone can get involved. Some of the more popular Christian board games are for most ages so kids can play with their parents as well. 

Have you ever played Monopoly? Of course you have. Most people have played some version of it. The Christian version is called Bibleopoly. 

In this version, instead of trying to get all the money yourself and building the biggest and best hotels, the object is cooperation. The winner is the person who builds their church first, but the purpose is to help others along the way to also get a leg up in the game. When we help others, we all win. 

Games are fun for kids and adults alike. They are no less fun if they teach Christian values. On the contrary, these games can often spark other interesting conversations that can be very beneficial to the entire group. Some kids might not learn as well in just a church service or Bible school setting, so this is one way for those children to learn and grow in their Christian lifestyles. 

Looking for a good activity to use in a church group or for a relaxing family game night? Consider board and/or card games that teach values as you have fun. 

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