Christian Musical Activities

Christian Musical Activities to Show Your Love of God

We might not all be able to sing, but I know very few people who don’t like to sing. Even if you are a shower or car diva, singing lifts the spirits. It makes us happy. Here are suggestions for fun and educational Christian musical activities. 

Liturgical dancing has taken on a new place in the worship service in churches. Dancers are choosing contemporary Christian music to demonstrate their love for God. The music speaks to them and they identify with it. In this way, they can make the musical expression their own. 

Dancing In The Spirit: A Scriptural Study of Liturgical Dance

The dance troupe in my church includes both kids and adults. The practices can be grueling at times, but it is all for worship and fun. The final performances are moving for us as well as the audience, making it more than worth all the hard work. 

Dancing is one musical activity that all kids can get into. One person who is good at dancing can help to choreograph a dance for the kids to learn. This dance can be performed in church, Sunday school, other churches, or a youth center. Music has long been a way to reach out to others and have fun at the same time. 

Let’s go back to singing for a bit. I know you don’t want to sing, but consider that it is the feeling and the meaning behind the song that counts. Since you’re still not totally convinced, let the children do the singing in public. 

Karaoke is a great way to spend an evening with family. Each person gets a turn to sing their favorite song and be silly. Instead of mainstream music, choose your favorite Christian artist to emulate. You can even dress the part if it makes you feel more comfortable. Even without the fancy dress, kids will jump at the chance to hear their parents sing. 

This is a fun activity for family reunions, sleepovers, birthday parties, or anytime you feel like having a good time. Everyone gets to participate and it is for fun not competition. However, you can also choose to do a competition such as a “Christian American Idol.” Make sure you have only draft friendly judges. Leave Simon on the original “American Idol.” 

Poems read to music are popular these days too. Instead of a smoky club, readers can perform in church, youth groups, or at home. The poems can vary as long as they have a spiritual base. 

How do you set your feelings to music? There are many ways that kids can do this including dance, poetry, and singing. Try some of the ideas above and come up with some of your own with your kids today.

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