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Fun Church Activities For Kids

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of church? For me, it’s all the fun I had as a child. I grew up attending church and it was anything but dull. Explore these ideas for kid’s activities to do at church. 

Each Sunday, we learned about a different aspect of the Bible. It could be a person or a specific event. At the end of our lesson, the deacon in the church would ask one person from each class to explain the lesson in their own words. Once a month, there was a competition amongst all the children to see who knew the most with prizes awarded based on our Bible knowledge. 

I don’t want to toot my own horn but I won quite a lot. I loved to learn and the things I learned in the Bible were interesting. Any child can have the same type of fun learning about the Bible and Christian principles in church today. All it takes is time, a creative mind, and the willingness and interest to learn. 

One way to draw kids into church is through Vacation Bible School. It is typically held for one week during the summer in most churches. Since there is no school, kids don’t have to worry about school work and can instead concentrate on learning about the Bible. The classes are divided into age groups and each lesson is divided into sections: opening, lesson, activities, and closing. 

The activities that are conducted will depend on the lesson being taught and the age of the group. Younger kids might sing and make simple crafts that tie into the lesson of the night. Older kids, such as preteens would engage in more complex activities like making necklaces, shirt designs, and things like that. Teenagers might engage in more conversations, role playing, and other games that require a bit more thought. The point was that everyone learned in a different way, appropriate for their age and had a good time. 

Having a switch day at church is also a good activity for kids. Instead of the adults doing all the jobs necessary, the kids would take over. They would conduct the entire service. It can be scary but it’s a blast for the kids and they get a chance to tell the congregation what they’ve learned. Kids will also gain a sense of responsibility when it’s up to them to make sure service runs as it should. 

Oddly enough everyone wanted to be the preacher when we talked about it, but when the time rolled around, no one wanted that job. The kids didn’t have to deliver a pulpit message. Instead they got to do a skit, play, or some other kind of performance in place of that. When asked if they would do it again, most enjoyed the activity enough to want to try it again. 

Whoever said church had to be boring obviously didn’t get a chance to learn about God and the Bible in fun, kid-friendly ways like these. It never was boring for me and it doesn’t have to be for the kids of today either.

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