Disciple's Cross Magnet
$6.95 Each

Disciple's Cross Magnet Front View:

Disciple's Cross Magnet Rear View:

Cross Color ~ $6.95

Dress up your kitchen with our Disciple's Cross magnet and glorify or Lord and Jesus at the same time. There are many different colors to choose from and each one comes with a heavy duty magnet on the back side.

Stick it to your refrigerator, locker, workshop, car, garage, metal door...anywhere you have metal.

Buy one for yourself and one for a friend or family member. They make great gifts...teacher gifts, bridesmaid gifts, gift for your pastor, stocking gifts at Christmas, gift for a friend who's lost a loved one.

We have many colors to choose from. You can choose from our one-color, two-color or three-color crosses. Team colors are very popular. Kids love their favorite high school or college team colors to pin up in their lockers. This way they can praise God all day long!

If you don't see the color cross you like or you would just like to see some of your own colors put together, you may contact me a couple of different ways:

Send me a message through my website here at Faithful Cross, or you can "like" my store on Facebook here. If I don't have the colors on my page you are looking for, I will make it for you and post it back on this page.

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