The Everlasting God

The Everlasting God

In a time of great turmoil and uncertainty, God reminds us in his Word that “For the Lord is good; His mercy is everlasting, and His truth endures to all generations.” (Psalm 100:5).

Distractions are abundant in the world today, but hope and assurance can be found in the Word of God. The most amazing thing is that it has always been there. God is here for us in both good times and bad. As this passage reminds us, His mercy is everlasting.

When we stop for a moment and think about the word everlasting, we realize that God has always been, and will always be. Everlasting is defined as; lasting forever, constantly recurring, and eternal duration. It reminds us that we serve one who is bigger than us, and who can endure all things. After all, God is the creator of all things, who better to seek out for strength than Him.

God also tells us that his truth endures forever. To endure means to continue in existence, and to last. This is something that we can hold on to, because it is a constant. His word has not changed and will not change; it will continue to be as it always was. You can count on the Word of God to be truthful, comforting, gentle, and firm all at the same time. It is the roadmap for our lives that God has left us with, but not only do we have his Word, we also have constant access to him. God is always available; all that we have to do is pray.

Let us not forget that the Lord is good. He provides for our needs spiritually, emotionally, and physically. God does everything in his power to strengthen us, but we must seek to be strengthened. God will provide if we will accept. He desperately wants to see his children be successful and prosper, just as we as parents want to see our children.

The hope and promise that God brings is displayed throughout the Bible. God wants us to find hope and strength in him, and we as Christians can in turn show that to others. Christians should strive to be that bright beacon of hope to others who do not know Christ, so they can help others find the hope God offers.

Children of God are far from forgotten, we are loved and cherished more then we will ever know. God himself sent his own son, Jesus to take our place so that we (his cherished creations) would have a second chance. This second chance is a gift that we are so fortunate to receive. God is many things; compassionate, caring, loving, and most importantly everlasting.

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