Family Time with God

Making Time for God’s Word - When you follow these tips you will be successful in making time for God.

Does Family Bible Study Really Exist - Trying to work a Family Bible Study into your busy day can be a challenge. When you plan ahead of time and stick to it, you will be successful with it.

Do You Have a Family Altar - A family altar is a specific place in the home or outside the home that is for a family to come together and worship and learn about God.

Helping Children Understand the Bible - One of the best ways to teach your children the stories of the Bible is to take those stories and make them age appropriate.

How to Make Bible Study Fun for Teens There are a number of things you can do to make bible study fun for teens.

Should You Worship As a Family? Worship time is very important for anyone, but it’s extremely important for children. They are learning all sorts of things and they also have peer pressure. They need God more than anything in their lives at that point.

Learn the Bible through Games - Playing games that are Bible related can be fun and a great way to learn.

Biblical Puppet Shows for Kids - Have you ever thought about doing Biblical puppet shows for your kids? Learning the Bible can be hard for kids, so you need to make it as easy as possible. Using puppet shows could do the trick.

Making the Bible Part of Life - No matter how busy you are, you need to find ways to study the Bible and include God. You will be so happy you did in the long run.

Learn the Bible through Crafts - Crafts make learning fun, they enjoy learning, and they want to learn the stories and other things from the Bible.

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