Keeping Family First

Keeping Family First

As Christian business owners it is often times difficult to be able to balance the many different areas of our lives in the manner in which we would prefer. I'm sure you wish you could always keep your priorities in the proper order of God first, then family, then work, right? In reality however, how often is that ever the case?

Unfortunately for most of us, the proper alignment of our priorities does not come that easily. We get bogged down in business and in the busyness of family life and we often put off things like Bible Study and maybe even attending church.

Not to mention that fact that we can also get so busy in our businesses that we can without meaning to neglect our families. So where do you find a happy balance and be able to keep your family first in your life, while also maintaining a successful business?

You must determine and commit to setting for yourself some boundaries in your business and family life, then make sure to stick to them no matter what happens. Boundaries such as setting business hours, maintaining scheduled off days or downtime, creating policies that apply to business practices, such as if and when you will accept phone calls during family time are great to have in place.

These type boundaries will help you to be able to keep your priorities in check and your family in the forefront of your life instead of it taking a backseat to your business. You must do so by starting with a plan. Putting a plan of action into place from the beginning can help you to achieve the balance that you are looking for in your family and your business.

You must realize that when you are a business owner, there will be times that things will not be as balanced as you hope for them to be, however in the long run the rewards of your business will pay off not only for you, but for your family as well.

With that being said, never allow yourself to justify spending too many hours on your business, always remember that there has to be a healthy balance. By creating a plan and putting some of the policies and restrictions that we mentioned into place you can achieve a business and personal life that is closer to being balanced.

Of course, because we are all human there will be times when you will feel completely out of balance and you must remember that it is alright and that it will happen to even the best of us from time to time. Just brush yourself off, re-commit to your priorities and keep right on.

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