Learn the Bible through Games

Learn the Bible through Games

Learning the Bible may be difficult for some and even more challenging for children of all ages. It’s like it is with anything else, if you make it fun, it’s easier to learn.

Playing games that are Bible related can be fun and a great way to learn. You can create so many different games with just a little imagination. You can even make it a game to come up with games.

Here are some games that you can play and what story or portion of the Bible you can include.

• Word search

Word searches are fun for kids and adults. You can make them yourself or you can use a website to create them for you. There are so many stories you can include in a word search. All you do is pick out key words from the story. Here are some stories you can use.

o The Story of Joshua and Caleb
o Jonah and the Whale
o The Story of AbrahamM
o Noah’s Ark

• Crossword Puzzle

Crossword puzzles are a little more challenging. You have to come up with questions or hints to go with your words. This is fun for everyone and it’s a great way to learn. Crossword puzzles are easier to do than word searches because you can pick words from the Bible or you can do story related puzzles. Here are some examples you can use.

o David and Goliath
o The Story of the Israelites
o The Story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego
o The Story of Mary and Joseph

• Memory Game

Memory games are fun for smaller children. It is pretty easy to do yourself. Take card stock or construction paper and tape two pictures of each person out of the Bible. Turn all the cards upside down and mix them up. Then pick two and see if they match. Here are some people you can use.

o Noah’s Ark
o The star of Bethlehem
o A manger
o Jesus

• Matching game

Matching games are a fun way to learn the stories. Take a paper and write down a question about a story and add a picture to the opposite side of the paper somewhere. Don’t put them straight across from each other. The questions can be simple or difficult. Here are some examples.

o Jesus dying on the cross
o Paul and Silas in the chains
o Adam and Eve with the apple
o The Story of Abram and Lot

• Word Scramble

Word scrambles are so much fun. Take a word from the Bible and rearrange the letters so you can’t tell what the word is. For example, take the word prayer. Mix the letters up so it looks like this…yrapre and have the kids try to figure out the words. Here are some words you could use. Remember that the words will need to be appropriate for your child’s age.

o Healing
o Disciples
o Cross
o Commandments

Learning the Bible doesn’t have to be difficult. If you make it fun through games, the children will just love it and you might be surprised at what you can learn yourself. Sometimes it’s hard to learn something that has difficult words and meanings we are not used to. When you make it as easy as possible, you will be more likely to remember it.

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