Letting God Guide Your Business

Letting God Guide Your Business

Being a business owner is a wonderful privilege, but with that privilege often comes difficulty as well. How many times as a business owner do you just feel a little overwhelmed? There are times as business owners where we just don't really know which direction to turn and we wish we had someone to just tell us what to do. We want to know the right path to take with our business.

The good news is for us as Christians that we do have someone to turn to. We have the ultimate guide. God is your guide and is there to show you the right path not only for you, but for your business as well.

Many people miss out on the wonderful plans that God has for them and their businesses because they never even give Him a chance to work and to move. They don't go to Him or consult Him when making business decisions. They never invite the top adviser that anyone could have to their business planning or strategy sessions. They leave out the one who could change it all for them, turn their business around or help make the decisions that could change the future of their business.

The smart move is to put God in the driver seat, allow him to be your CEO. Go to Him first, before you go to your spouse, your top employee or anyone else, take time to pray to Him and consult him on whatever problem, decision or issue that you have.

If you choose to let God guide your business you will surely see a difference in it. At first it may not be apparent, but over time you will be surprised by the rewards and blessings both you and your business will reap as a result.

You must remember, God works in his own timing and his own way. The Bible says,

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD. Isaiah 55:8. He will make a way, but it will be in His own way and time.

And, when you look back and reflect on your business success do not be quick to take the credit. Be sure to give God the credit, praise, and glory for what he has allowed to happen in your business and what He has brought about for your good. After all, you could not have done it without Him.

A business is only as good as its CEO and if you're CEO is God then you're good to go, right? Why not give it a try in your business today? You will surely see the difference in your being in control and His being in control.

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