How to Handle Being Married
to a Non-Believer

Non-believer? Don’t worry....there are ways around it.

When you fall in love, you are so happy because you finally found the right person. The type of person you fall in love with, may not be perfect, but you are still in love with them. It’s hard to look at the bad side when there is so much on the good side.

As nice as it would be to find and marry a Christian, it may be difficult. Just because this person is not a believer doesn’t mean they will stay that way forever. When you get married, you need to continue to go to church every Sunday and every Wednesday. Don’t let your marriage and your spouse stop you from going.

Stand your ground and stick to your faith. Continue to go to church and participate in church activities just like you did before you got married. Continue to tithe and continue to stay after church and visit. Go to activities and Bible study as well. When your spouse sees how important this is to you and when they see that you are not giving it up because they don’t believe, they might want to check it out for themselves.

Invite them to a special service or an event that your church is putting on. If they decide to go then great, but don’t be upset or angry with them if they say no, because it may take time. Continue to put the offer out there and see what happens. You might be surprised because one day the answer might be yes.

If you do Bible study every day, don’t stop because your spouse doesn’t do it with you. Make sure you plan your time so it doesn’t interfere with activities that your spouse is doing, but also make sure you set a time so your spouse doesn’t plan activities while you do your studies. Doing your studies at the same time every day will help with this process. Also make sure you ask your spouse if they would like to study with you. When they say yes, make sure you study something that is easy to understand and explain anything that they don’t understand. Making them feel stupid will make them want to stop and never do it again.

Marriage is a special time and wonderful when you find the person of your dreams. Don’t worry if your special someone is a non-believer, because there are ways around it. The first thing you need to do is continue to go to church. Don’t stop just because your spouse doesn’t go with you. Stand your ground and continue to go because it’s important. God will help you to stand strong and he will show you the way to show your spouse the reason why you go and that it’s important that they go as well.

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