Online Christian Kids Games

Online Christian Kids Games

We live in the age of technology. There is not a home that doesn’t have some form of gadget that brings the outside world into our home. If your kids are Internet savvy, turn them onto online games that are affiliated with the Christian lifestyle.

If you have a television, then you have technology in your home. Most people have more than that, but every home has something. When kids are learning about the Internet and playing games, choose some Christian sites to introduce them to. They’ll soon learn that the word “Christian” doesn’t mean stuffy or boring.

One such site is Kid Explorers. Kids find a lot of things to do including mazes, puzzles, online space games, Bible trivia, and more. Kids can find lots of things to do here making it a great choice.

I did an online word search there. It was great to not have to use a pencil and print it out. Two days from now, that paper would be stuffed under the couch or thrown in the trash. Online games save paper and trees!

Kids can learn to use the Internet for other things besides surfing sites they shouldn’t be on and getting into trouble. Sites like this one also teach about science, animals, and the like which are subjects that all kids are interested in at one time or another. They’ll learn interesting facts that they can share with their friends.

Interactive games are also popular with kids. The game that is most popular now is the Wii. There are also Christian interactive games like Game Wave that can be played with several people with the use of remote controls. Play trivia and other fun games. While you are playing, kids learn coordination, Bible facts, values and principles, and useful life skills.

The Wii is also a great system but parents have to be willing to help kids choose appropriate games to play. The new Wii Fit lets everyone get moving while they play. Kids don’t get nearly enough exercise and this game system helps to mesh two things into one healthy kid.

Any game that they play doesn’t have to say “Christian” to be used for wholesome fun. Christian values are those that are exemplified by God. Getting healthy and learning about life are godly principles, too. Our kids can benefit from a myriad of activities and games, both online and off.

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