Teach the Bible with Open Discussions

Teach the Bible with Open Discussions

The Bible is not irrelevant; contrary to what many like to think. It is a timeless collection of God’s Word to the people of this world. Use the Bible in open and frank discussions about life to teach children its worth.

Many parents only teach the stories with a positive outcome to their children. The Word of God says that everything in the Bible is useful for teaching, not just the easy to understand stories. For teens, it is imperative that they discover the entire truth of the Bible with you to guide them.

Don’t worry. Teens can handle the frank nature of many of the Bible stories. Just think about the things they face each day in the outside world. If they can handle peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, sex, and television, they can understand the Bible.

The problem is that most parents aren’t ready for what their teens may say. God is our point person on the mission to teach our kids the Bible. Don’t worry about things getting hairy. He will guide the discussion if we are willing to take let him and follow his guidance.

One story that can be used is the one of Jephthah. This particular Bible character can be found in the book of Judges. He was a judge over Israel and if there was ever a lesson in watching what you say, it is the story of this judge. He lost his daughter because of his own careless words. Are you interested? Your teens will be too.

Kids need to feel that they can voice their opinions without being crucified by their parents. There is no safer arena than the home filled with godly love. It’s time we put our Bible where our mouth is and trust God with the rest. Let your teenagers discuss openly what they feel. In return, we as parents can use the Bible to show that God cares and is aware of how to help them through difficult times in their lives.

Open discussions lead to trust. Many parents want nothing more than to keep their kids close to them but are mistaken into thinking lecturing is the way to do it. But, lecturing pushes them away. The Bible brings them closer. Through reading together, praying, and talking openly, kids are equipped with the tools they need to handle what goes on in their lives.

Teaching the Bible doesn’t mean that teens won’t make mistakes. It does mean that they have a foundation to fall back on and a God who is willing to forgive their mistakes, just like He forgives us. Let the words of God lead you as you show your teenager how those words can lead them as well.

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