Outdoor Fun for Christianity

Outdoor Fun for Christianity

When you’re a kid there doesn’t seem to be anything that a breath of fresh air and a good game can’t solve. Playing outdoors is not something that kids do a lot of these days but you can change that with some fun and games in the sunshine. Here are some ideas for outdoor fun with a Christian theme.

One important value that kids learn is teamwork and the value of helping others. That value is exemplified in games where kids work on teams. Without the help of the other people on the team, the group has no chance of winning the game.

The three-legged race, egg tossing, and relay races are examples of this type of game. But, instead of performing a three legged race, how about one that involves carrying each other? One person can ride on another’s back and pretend to be the ark carrying Noah or the donkey carrying Jesus into the city. The first team to the other side wins.

Scavenger hunts offer great fun and a test of how well the kids know the Bible. For younger kids, you’ll need easy clues like pictures. They hunt for an object that looks just like the picture and that gives them their next clue.

Older kids can handle word riddles to find clues. All of the picture and riddle clues pertain to Bible facts. The final treasure is shared by the kid or group of kids who reaches it first. What’s inside is up to you.

Other forms of outdoor fun include learning about the earth around us. God created this big beautiful world and we can figure out how things work. Simple physics experiments will provide hours of fun and questions for and from the kids.

How about inflating a balloon without air? Or, sticking it with a pin and it doesn’t pop? These and other experiments can be conducted to the awe and amazement of the children.

Personally I find them icky, but kids seem to like bugs and I don’t mean holding a magnifying glass over an anthill. Let them explore the backyard world and see what types of creatures they can find. You could also give out pictures of bugs and see if they can find those specific ones.

Being outdoors allows for exercise as well as fun. These and other games prove that you can have wholesome fun without the television and other fancy gadgets.

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