How to Guard Your Marriage
Once you Become a Parent

How to Guard Your Marriage Once you Become a Parent

Becoming a parent can be a wonderful feeling and it can make you wonder what you ever did before you had children. They show you so much love and affection that you sometimes may wonder how you ever lived without them.

As they get older they begin to do activities and things like that take time for the parents. These activities can be basketball, football, dance, and cheerleading. While these are so much fun to watch, they can take up a lot of your time, time that needs to be spent together as a couple.

Children need activities because this helps keep them busy, keeps them active, and it keeps them out of trouble. There is such a thing as too much though and that’s what can hurt a marriage. When you have more than one child and they are involved in many things, you may find that one parent is taking one child to something and the other parent is taking the other child to something. If this happens every now and then it’s okay, but when it happens day in and day out, its trouble. Before this happens, you need to put a stop to it. One activity at a time is all they need to do.

Practice is just that, practice. Unless your children are little or the teachers or coaches ask you to stay, you can use this time together. Most times practices are an hour or two. Now that’s not a lot of time, but you could sit in the car and talk or go get something to eat from a fast food restaurant and bring it back to eat in the car. Even this little bit of time will help you in your marriage and you won’t feel like your children are running your life.

Another option with practices is to car pool with others on your team. Take turns taking the kids and picking them up. This will save you an hour and a half or more on the nights you don’t have to do it. Communicate with the other parents to see if they would like to participate in something like that and tell them why you are trying to set it up. If you don’t tell them why, they may be afraid to say something or agree to it.

Kids can also take up a lot of time during the school years. They need help with their homework and they have conferences and meetings with teachers. These are things you don’t really have a say in because they must be done. But you need to schedule them in such a way that you will still have time together.

Even though the kids are busy, you need to find time to be together. If you have to, schedule your time so it fits in. Make sure you don’t let something interfere with your time either.

If you feel like you are getting overwhelmed with your children’s activities, you need to sit down as a couple and pray about it. Ask God to guide you through this and show you the way to find more time together. When you do this, God will show you what you need to do and how to do it in a way that won’t hurt anyone.

When you guard your marriage after your children are born, you will protect your marriage from all the busyness that comes with the children. Plan your time together and stick to it each and every time. You will have a better marriage if you do this.

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