What is prayer? Prayer is our way of communication with God. It is an important aspect of our relationship with him, because just like any other relationship there needs to be communication.

It is a common misconception that prayer can or should only be preformed in church. The Bible teaches us that we can pray anywhere at anytime. Jesus himself prayed everywhere; in the garden, on the road, and so many other places. Who better to look toward for an example, then him?

Prayer can and should be an important part of family life. It should be more than saying the blessing over dinner. It is great to have a family prayer time. Some ideas on how to start would be:

1. Make a list of all the prayer requests that family members may have.

2. Add to that list any big events, such as tests or games that are concerning to members.

3. Think of something that you are grateful God has done for you.

Once you make up your list, you can gather as a family and pray together. You can have one leader, or everyone may join in. The specifics can be decided based on what works best for your family. The important part is the act of praying itself. When you pray as a family you teach your children how important it is. You also teach them that they can come to God with anything. If Henry wants to pray that the neighbor’s cat will get better, then that is okay. It shows that Henry has a genuine and caring heart, and that he cares for others.

It is essential for every Christian to have a solid prayer foundation. Teaching your family that God is relational and personal helps take away the fear and misunderstanding that many times surrounds the word God. Often time’s people are scared of God, due to wrong teaching or misunderstanding. God wants a personal relationship with each and every one of his children.

God is so many things; he is personal, loving, forgiving, strong, and gentle, along with many others. When we pray we are developing a more personal and intimate relationship with Him. We pray about our needs and our wants, the things that seem so important to us at the time. A great idea to keep track of what God has done in your life is to keep a prayer journal. It can be a family journal, or each member can keep their own personal prayer journal. We should always remember that although God does hear and answer all prayers, it may not be in the method or timeline that we want. Even though we may think God has not heard our prayers, he does hear and will answer them in his way. After all, He knows all things, so isn’t it best for his will to be done rather than our own?

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