Prayer Box Beaded Bracelet

Wear your prayers on your wrist with our Christian Prayer Box Beaded bracelets.

Each prayer box beaded bracelet is a celebration of beliefs in style while making a declaration of faith!

The idea behind the prayer box is that it is designed to hold a prayer request, written on a piece of paper to praise to God, and placed into the box. 

You may also use the prayer box for other sentimental objects such as a photo, first lost tooth of your child or lock of hair. It can be worn throughout the day as a remembrance of someone here or long departed.

Each bracelet is 8", designed to fit most adults, unless otherwise specified.

Natural Stone (Stretch) ~ Cobalt Blue Bracelet with Heart

Prayer Box Charm ~ $16.99

Green Glass Beads (Stretch) Bracelet with Heart

Prayer Box Charm ~ $12.50

Sky Blue Beads Stretch Bracelet with

Heart Prayer Box Charm ~ $11.99

Yellow Beaded Stretch Bracelet with Small

Prayer Box Charm (Child Size) ~ $8.99

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