Praying for Business Success

Praying for Business Success

As a business owner you may feel the need to separate your business from your personal and spiritual life. It may seem that your business should be be "all about business" but that just cannot be the case if you truly want it to be successful, especially as a Christian business owner. This applies even if your business is not a "Christian" one.

Many people believe that you can't mix business and personal life, however, I beg to differ. I believe that if your business is important to you then it is going to have to mix with your personal life and become a part of you to truly be successful.

One of the areas of your life that will greatly influence and can make or break your business is the area of your prayer life. Do you pray for your business?

Prayer can be a powerful tool in business. Praying about the decisions that you must make in your business, praying about how to handle difficult situations and problems, praying about where to begin when just starting out in business, all these things are areas where prayer can be useful in catapulting your business towards the road to success.

A set time of prayer each day should be an important part of your everyday business life if you are a Christian business owner. You will certainly be surprised at what a difference it can make in your business. In fact, starting your day with prayer can be a smart business move.

Another way to make prayer a useful tool in your business is to secure for yourself and your business a prayer team. A prayer team is a group of people whom you know and trust that you specifically request to pray for your business. It is a great way to go the extra mile to put your business on the right track.

When selecting your prayer team you will want to find those who understand you and your business, your goals and also those who you know are diligent in their prayer life. After finding them, you will want to keep them up to date on how you and your business are doing as well as notify them when you have special prayer requests about your business so that they give you the support you need.

So, before you take another step in your business, take time out and do the one thing that can ensure that your business either remains successful, becomes successful, or is a success as you launch it, pray! 

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