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Do you like to do jigsaw puzzles?

One of my fondest memories from when I was a kid was that my parents always had a jigsaw puzzle laying on the coffee table in our living room.

When my brother and I didn't have anything to do, we would sit and work on it. Sometimes for hours. Of course, back in the 70's we didn't have 300 channels (or more) on our tv to choose from either.

My mother would always start out with smaller 100-300 piece jigsaws at first. When we got good at those, she would put out the ones with 500 pieces. We gradually worked our way up to 1000-5000 pieces.

I used to glue the completed ones together and hang them on my walls for pictures in my bedroom. My favorites were Noah's Ark because of all the animals. :-) They were so cute.

Here are some puzzles below that you might enjoy as I do now that I'm older.

Sunsout The Celebration 1000 Pieces

Sunsout The Invitation 1000 Pieces

Sunsout Two by Two 100 Pieces

Sunsout No Room at The Inn 1000 Pieces

Sunsout Dove of Hope 1000 Pieces

Sunsout Noah's Ark Boxed Set 1000 Pieces

Sunsout A New Day 100 Pieces

Sunsout The Journey 100 Pieces

Sunsout The Commission Noah's Ark 1000 Pieces

Noah's Ark, 1500 pcs

Sunsout The Last Supper 500 Pieces

Sunsout I Am With You Cross 1000 Pieces

Sunsout Safe Crossing 550 Pieces

Sunsout In His Light 500 Pieces

Angel of Light 100pc

Spencer Williams In His Hands 1000Pc

Sunsout Messiah 500 Pieces

Sunsout The Nativity 1000 Pieces

Sunsout They Come Bearing Gifts 550 Pieces

Sunsout Nativity Series Boxed Set 1000 Pieces

Be Not Afraid 100pc

Sunsout Our Lady of Guadalupe 1000 Pieces

Sunsout Behold I Bring You 1500 Pieces

Randy Wollenmann St. Francis 1000pc

Thy Will Be Done 500 Piece

I Am the Light Mini 100 pc

Alex Levin Jerusalem 1500pc

Sunsout Heavenly Welcome 1000 Pieces

Greg Olsen Lost No More 500Pc

Greg Olsen Abide With Me 1000Pc

Hand in Hand 500 pc

Sunsout Children of the World 1000 Pieces

Let Him In 1000 Pcs

Greg Olsen In Remembrance Of Me 1000pc

The Power of Prayer 550 Pieces

Wherever He Leads Me 1000 Pcs

Greg Olsen Peace on Earth 1000pc

This is My Body 1000 Piece

James Seward Lamb Of God 1000Pc

James Seward This Is My Son 1000Pc

The Guide 500 piece

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