Salvation Jewelry

Each bead color has a very specific meaning:

Purple = Grace

Black = My Sin

Red = The Blood of Christ shed on the Cross

Clear = Forgiveness

Blue = Gift of the Holy Spirit through Baptism

Green = Promise of Eternal Life

Gold = For Heaven’s Streets of Gold

Salvation Brooch

Salvation Choker

Salvation Bracelet

Salvation jewelry is a perfect way to display your religious faith and to signify a belief in Jesus Christ without being too bold or offensive.

Whether you are wearing a Memory Necklace, Brooch, or a Bracelet, our handcrafted jewelry offers an excellent way to stand up for something believed in.

Not only are they a great conversation opener, they provide the perfect opportunity to witness to people about salvation by asking Jesus Christ to be the foundation for life.

They are a great fashion accessories as well. Very beautiful and very stylish.

One of the most popular types of salvation jewelry is the one made from Swarovski crystals. Swarovski Crystal beads are considered to be the highest quality crystal beads in the world. The sparkle they give off is simply heavenly.

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