Songs Teach Kids the Bible

How many songs do you remember from your childhood? Probably more lyrics than you think are floating around in the gray matter. Songs help us to remember facts for school, calm us when we are scared, and remind us that there is a loving God who wants to be a part of our lives.

Bible songs teach kids of all ages about the truths of the Bible. For young kids, say toddlers and on through elementary school, songs are catchy and lots of fun. Instead of listening to the radio station with its questionable music find Biblical CDs and audio tapes for kids.

With younger kids, many songs they learn come as a result of repetition. They see a video and hear the songs in the show. Purchasing the soundtrack of the video lets them and you listen to the songs and remember the biblical tales portrayed in the video.

Besides newer biblical songs, teach kids the songs that you learned as a child. We have all learned a few Bible songs along the way, like “Jesus Loves the Little Children”, or “The B-I-B-L-E.” Plenty of biblical songs for children were adapted from tunes of other popular songs.

Many parents and Bible school teachers can make up Bible songs and teach them with ease. Take a memory verse that you want to teach to a group of children. Set the words to a popular tune that you know and sing it for the kids with or without music. After a few weeks, they will be able to sing it back to you.

Kids can learn about all the bible characters through the words of a song. They’ll begin to remember as you break down the song line by line. This technique may lead to questions from the kids. Questions set their minds to thinking and wondering about God, which is what peaks their interest.

For older kids and teens, choose music by various Christian artists. Christian music runs the gamut of genres: rap, rock, gospel, new age, and the like. For teens, it will be the honesty in the lyrics that win them over. At that age, kids are looking for honesty and a place to belong. Songs that reveal experiences of God’s love will inspire them to find out what He is all about.

Many Christian artists begin with a Bible verse as the basis of their song. This verse is meaningful in some way to their lives. From there, personal stories are set to music. They invite young people and adults to hear and identify with their joy, passion, pain, and tears. Anyone who has been a parent to a teenager knows that they experience all of those emotions and more at some point from age thirteen to nineteen.

Songs invoke feelings and memories. When we our children sing about God we want them to remember that He has been with them through all of their struggles and the truth of His Word will comfort them.

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