Teaching Young People The Bible

Family Bible Study: Teaching Kids the Truth - Learn how family Bible study time will arm your kids with what they need to survive the outside world.

Vacation Bible School: Teaching Young People the Bible - Vacation Bible School is a fun place to start examining the Bible and the treasures inside.

Biblical Translations Teach Kids about God - Learn how using different translations can assist in teaching kids about the Bible.

Songs Teach Kids the Bible - Songs help us to remember facts for school, calm us when we are scared, and remind us that there is a loving God who wants to be a part of our lives.

Bible Teaching through Games - For most of the popular board and computer games on the market, there is a biblical counterpart you can find to use as a teaching tool.

Teach Toddlers about God using Bible Videos - Here are some ways to teach toddlers about God through Bible videos.

Biblical Crafts for Grade Schoolers - Here are some ideas for biblical crafts to teach the Bible to grade school children.

Teaching Teens the Bible through Drama - Drama is a major part of the life of a teenager. Use that to encourage them to learn about the Bible and God’s teachings through their own lives.

Teaching the Bible through Community Service - Here are some lessons that kids can learn about the Bible through community service.

Teach the Bible with Open Discussions - Use the Bible in open and frank discussions about life to teach children its worth.

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