Family Bible Study:
Teaching Kids the Truth

Family Bible Study: Teaching Kids the Truth

Family life can get quite hectic at times. We often sacrifice some things just to get time to put food on the table. One thing that shouldn’t be sacrificed is time spent learning about the Bible. Learn how family Bible study time will arm your kids with what they need to survive the outside world.

It’s true that we all make concessions in our hectic lives. We opt for fast food when there is no time to make dinner. Sometimes we “help” kids a bit too much on class projects in the interest of time. No one is condemning here just pointing out things that we all do. And, when we are in a time crunch on the weekends, we skip church.

Losing God’s teachings in your life means the same for your kids. At least you have had some teaching. Your kids are learning from you. Bring the Bible back into your life and the lives of your family with a family Bible study time.

Ideally, Bible study will be once a day, but for today’s family, that may be an ambitious goal in the beginning. Start with a weeknight meeting and go from there. For kids that haven’t been exposed to the Bible or think that it is boring stuff, you’ll get some protests. Meet the screams and groans with a variety of study methods that will help everyone become more interested and engaged.

For one, Bible study revolves around the Bible but the Bible is not the only teaching instrument. During your family’s first meeting, start off with a familiar Bible story. Ask each member of the family to write down or voice their opinion of the story. What would they have done in the same situation?

For future reference, record your family Bible study meetings. This works well when kids are too young to write or teenagers don’t want to. Thoughts come too fast for a pen sometimes and voicing your issues gets straight to the point and sometimes allows for deeper discussions from other family members.

Use spiritual movies, songs, current events, and hot topics of concern to help the children to begin each Bible study lesson. As you plan the lessons, be sure that your instruction is biblically based so that kids get the correct knowledge from the Bible. With so many options for teaching methods, you are sure to find one the family will like, but more importantly, one they can learn from.

Don’t just stick to well known stories every time either. Pick an obscure story from the Bible to lead a discussion. These stories will peak their interest. As the family learns and prays together, over time, you’ll see that everyone will begin to put the life lessons from the Bible into practice in real life as well. These study sessions will also help to pave the way for a God-fearing adult life for your children and a stronger bond within the entire family.

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