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  • 25 - Assorited Cross Necklaces For Party Favors at a Birthday Party - This is how this wonderful day went (written by mom, Helen).....

    "Dear Bonnie,

    What a weekend it was! We are still recuperating! Emily's birthday was incredibly fun and awesome! We took everyone a couple hours south of where we live, to participate in a treetop high-ropes course. Afterwards, it was back home for pizza, games, gifts, and cake.

    It was a wonderful day of celebration with good friends and family. And we're so happy to say that it looks like everyone had a great time. Emily will have many fond memories to treasure.

    When we arrived back home, emily changed clothes and wore her new Angel Cross (she loves it!). It really was sweet of you to include one in our order, Bonnie. Emily was very moved by your graciousness.

    Just before cake, she opened her gifts, then immediately turned the tables on her guests and handed out the Disciple Crosses as party favors. Each cross had an attached card explaining the meaning of the different components used to make it. The crosses were an instant hit. Everyone loved them and put them on right away. (we took a group shot of everyone wearing them.) The kids were especially touched to know that the color of each cross had been hand selected and that each cross had been made especially for them.

    Thank you again, so much, not only a beautiful, quality product at an affordable price.... But also for getting the crosses to us so quickly, given our time constraints. If the opportunity should ever arise, I would gladly purchase additional crosses from Faithful Cross without any hesitation and I would be happy to refer Faithful Cross products to others also. Thanks again!" - Helen

Emily's 16th Birthday Party

Emily's 16th Birthday Party

What people are saying....

  • Patriotic Candy Cane Wrap Disciple's Cross Necklace - "I received a disciple cross. I truly enjoy it. I presently use it as a book mark in my bible. Thank you. Beautiful craftsmanship." - Lucy BC

  • Disciple's Cross Necklaces - "I received my cross necklace's yesterday from a contest I won. They are top of the line I love them. I can't wait to wear one to church tomorrow. Bonnie you do such great work. Thank you." - Mike

  • Disciple's Cross Necklaces - "I got 4 of the Paris crosses. They are beautiful and everyone loved theirs." - Wanda

  • Disciple's Cross Necklaces - "5 stars isn't enough. Love mine that got in today. Bigger then my others by other people. Sturdier too. I'm glad I bought one. They're the only ones who get my business from now on. No exceptions." - John

  • Disciple's Cross Necklaces - "I recently received 100 disciple crosses made by Bonnie. Each one was made perfectly!! The colors are very vibrant. They have been selling very fast. If you ever need great disciple crosses, Bonnie is the person that will get the job done - professionally, efficiently, and fast." - Laura

  • Disciple's Cross Candy Cane Wrap Necklaces - "Absolutely love my candy cane cross necklace" :-) - Kayla

  • Disciple's Cross Necklaces - "I just received my purple cross necklace in a timely manner. I love it so much. Thank You Faithful Cross." - Donna

  • Disciple's Cross Necklaces - "Received my cross a couple days ago. I love it. The meaning of the necklace so beautiful" - Chanda

  • Disciple's Cross Necklaces - "Fast, Friendly and Beautiful work! I got my order within a couple of days." - Rebecca

  • Disciple's Cross Necklaces & Jewelry - "Y'all have some beautiful crosses and jewelry. I love seeing it and the things y'all write about God. Our God is a awesome God. Keep up the great work" - Tanya

  • Disciple's Cross Necklaces - "Awesome! These are cute and affordable! They even come with chains if you need one!" - Wendy

  • Disciple's Cross Necklaces - "I love these crosses. They are beautiful. Plan on ordering one for each of my children and pets." - DeeDee

  • Disciple's Cross Necklaces & Key Chains - "I won a cross that I absolutely love and still wear everyday, then I purchased 3 more for my family, along with matching key chains." - Bill

  • Disciple's Cross Necklace - "Just bought for my daughter it is so beautiful. I love it, plan to get these for Christmas presents. They answer any questions I have right away totally like this company and spread the word." - Pam

  • Disciple's Cross Necklace - "Received my cross today. Absolutely beautiful. Love, love, love it. The quality is superb. Can't wait to order more. Thank You. Blessings to you." - Laura

  • Disciple's Cross Lapel Pin - "I have a lapel pin and it is beautiful. I won it and gave it to my wife, now I want one for myself.." - Larry

  • Disciple's Cross Necklaces - "I ordered 6 crosses and I love all of them. I have so many people to give them to. I will be ordering more soon." - Lisa

  • Disciple's Cross Necklace - "Received my cross in the mail last night. Won it in a contest completely free no strings attached. I am now hooked and want more!! Will definitely be placing an order soon. The colors are more vibrant than what the pictures make them to look. WILL BE DOING BUSINESS AGAIN." - Lindsay

  • Disciple's Cross Necklace - "I believe everyone should have one of these necklaces....they r more than what the pics show....I received mine thru a contest I won & I'm so glad I did....I've shared faithful cross w anyone & everyone I can....I luv my cross necklace....God bless" - Donna

  • Disciple's Cross Necklaces - "I've got my crosses in and they are Awesome!! I asked for certain colors she had no problem doing those colors for me she make excellent crosses. If you are thinking about getting one I would say you won't need to think about it cause they are that nice!!" - Janae

  • Disciple's Cross Necklace - "Beautiful and you can see the love that goes into the craftsmanship. Mrs. Bonnie you are appreciated and we'd all pay extra for your amazing jewelry!! God bless you." - Tonya

  • "She has mailed absolutely beautiful, hand-made crosses to my friends as a special surprise. She also has handled a few strange gift requests from me with grace and kindness. You won't be disappointed!!" - Cassie

  • Disciple's Cross Necklace - "When my daughter first told me she won I was mad because I thought she'd have to pay the shipping or there would be strings attached but once she got her necklace free and clear it was awesome so I loved your page and then when I won.... I ran through the house screaming..... you're awesome." - Crystal

  • "We received the crosses from Bonnie in the mail today! From the meaning in the materials to the craftsmanship on each, is wonderful. The representation of the colors in accordance with the Biblical meaning are moving. Green = Blessings and Happiness, Red = Suffering or Blood of Jesus, and White = Purification of Sins through Jesus' Blood. Thank You Bonnie these mean so much. Wishing God's Blessing on You and Your Family! ."

  • Disciple's Cross Necklace- " I received my FAITHFUL CROSS from Miss Bonnie yesterday and I love it! Her jewelry is very nice. I wanted one in memory of a loved one that has passed. Miss Bonnie was so kind to send me one! Browse her sight and see all the lovely pieces she has. ALL HER PIECES HAVE A SPECIAL MEANING and made with blessings and love! Thank you Bonnie! Tina Blanchard. In honor and memory of Terry Blanchard 03/03/2014."

  • Angel Disciple's Cross Necklace- "I absolutely love faithful cross Bonnie has so much talent and heart in what she does, I won a cross the amethyst cross with wings and am absolutely in love with her creativity to make them perfect." - Georgia

  • 100 Disciple’s Crosses & 5 Angel Cross Lapel Pins – “Good Morning, Bonnie. I got the order and they look gorgeous. Thank you so much for getting them to me so promptly. I really appreciate it. Thank you for my present (free gift with purchase). It found a new home on my key chain. Thanks again and God Bless.” – Mandy

  • 28 Cross Necklaces - "You must have ESP, because I was driving back from work today thinking I wanted to email you to say thanks and how pleased we are! We have already handed out a number of them, and they are so well-received! One young man said he had seen the crosses on a number of people and wanted to ask where to get one, and he added that now he felt like he 'belonged' :-). Thanks again! I am sure we will want to order more in the future! I really appreciate the two pins you sent as 'lagniappe'! (People in LA like the idea of 'lagniappe', as I guess you know!)Have a good evening!" - Mary

  • "Welcome Home" Plaque and the "Live Your Dreams" Plaque - "Dear Bonnie, I enjoyed browsing through your web site. So many beautiful things. I purchased two wall hangings. I love them. They are more precious in person than on the site. They arrived quickly and packaged safely. I will certainly purchase more from Faithful Cross." - Cherie

  • 9 Disciple's Cross Necklaces - "I receive the cross necklaces. They are of course beautiful. My daughter gave them for graduation gifts to some of her friends and also gave some as birthday gifts. Two of the teens that we gave the cross necklaces to in November wear them every day. They are a reminder of the sacrifice that Christ made for them and their commitment to follow him. I think that my daughter is even keeping a few from this order for herself the free cross was a light green and pink that she really liked. Thank you again and God bless!" - Pamela

  • 23 Table Top Crosses "Faith" - "We have received the crosses, and they are beautiful; perfect for our graduating eighth graders! Thank you so much for your prompt attention to our order." - Teresa

  • 1 - Patriotic Angel Cross sent to Germany for her husband serving in Irag - "It is here and it's beautiful. Thank you a lot." - Nora

  • 2 - Foot Prints Poem Night Lights and 2 - Angel with Dove *May Peace Fill Your Heart* - "Received the best customer care ever and the items purchased are so well worth the price !!" - Bharti

  • 36 - Cross Keychains - "We have given all the keychains to the girls who tried out for High School cheerleading this morning. They LOVE them and are asking where we got them, so I will pass your website along." - Sherrie

  • Disciple's Cross Necklace ~ Lt. Pink & Royal Blue - "Great cross! A+!!!" - Andrew

  • Disciple's Cross Necklace ~ Red & Sky Blue - "Thanks very, very much!" - Paul

  • Disciple's Cross Necklace ~ Peridot - "Very good trustworthy friendly seller" - Darla

  • Disciple's Cross Necklace ~ Copper - "Really nice for the price!!! Good quality item!!!" - Josue

  • Disciple's Cross Necklace ~ Silver/Gray - "Very Nice Crosses." - Sheila

  • Disciple's Cross Necklace ~ Royal Blue - "Wonderful Seller, very friendly as well." - Kevin

  • Disciple's Cross Necklace ~ Brown - "Very unique, I love it!" - Barbara

  • Disciple's Cross Necklace ~ 2 White, 1 Royal Blue & 1 Black - "I looked at your website and noticed that you were looking for comments or suggestions, so I thought I pass this along. These necklaces are for my son and a few of his friends, they have ordered from a few other sellers previously and the one difference they noticed was that the colored wire wrap stops a little short on your crosses. They liked the ones that had the wire go all the way down to the nail head. I'm not sure if I am describing that correctly. Hope that helps. Thanks again for your professionalism." - Sherrill

  • Disciples Cross Necklace Christian Religious~Patriotic & Hot Pink - "My mother and I love the Disciple's Cross necklaces I purchased from you. Wonderful way to show my religion, that I had to purchase another for my mom. Second one I purchased, my mother loves it! All her children are in the military. - Juanita

  • Disciple's Cross Necklace ~ 2 Purple and Gold - "Hello! I got the crosses in the mail today (Monday) and they are great!!! I'll be ordering another from you through ebay for my husband. He's just not sure yet what color he wants. Thank you SO much! GREAT price and quick delivery, by the way!!!!" - Hillary

  • Disciple's Cross Necklace ~ 16 Assorted Colors - "Amazing customer service- very quick shipping- very customer friendly - GREAT JOB" - Bubba

  • Disciple's Cross Necklace ~ 8 Assorted Colors - "Just wanted to thank you again for the quick service. We got the crosses yesterday in time for my daughter to give to her friends. They all loved them. I will be sure to spread the address of your site around." - William

  • Disciple's Cross Necklace ~ 100 Assorted Colors - "I am more than pleased with the crosses that I ordered. The over all value I could not be happier. I love the key chain and would interested in more, but I would like to see the small eyelet on the top of the cross and the key ring at the end of the beads? I am very happy to have found you and your web site." - Greg

  • Disciple's Cross Necklace ~ 3 Assorted Colors and 1 Angel Cross Magnet - "I am so sorry it took me this long to let you know that I had received the package. Anyway, it was waiting on me at work on Monday and my daughter absolutely LOVED them! She asked me to thank you especially for the angel cross magnet, it is beautiful! I will be visiting your site again in the near future to order some crosses for some of her friends. Thank you again for such personal attention to my order and the willingness to help me out in what turned out to be a wonderful gift after all, no matter when it arrived! I wish you and your family a VERY Happy New Year!." - Dianne

  • Disciple's Cross Necklace ~ Patriotic Colors - "It has been a true blessing to work with you! I pray the Lord will richly bless and keep you in His love and mercy." - Lisa

  • Disciple's Cross Necklaces & Keychains - "I was very pleased with the cross necklaces and keychains, my daughter and I gave them as Confirmation gifts to her friends. We even came back and bought more after the first order that I made. They were beautiful and a perfect gift for a teen." - Pamela

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