Teach Toddlers about God using Bible Videos

Teach Toddlers about God using Bible Videos

It is never too early to begin teaching children about God and the Bible. To learn about God, we take our cues from the Bible because everything that God represents is written there. Here are some ways to teach toddlers about God through Bible videos.

Toddlers, like most young children, are visual learners. Bright colors and loud noises attract their attention. Reading a passage of the Bible to them will not inspire them at all. They may go to sleep but if that was not your intention, you’ll have to step up your game.

For Christian families, teaching the ways of God and the truths of the Bible to their kids is an important part of parenting. What the children believe will go with them throughout their lives. So don’t get too disappointed if your toddler doesn’t want to listen when you read a passage. You can change your method of teaching without changing what is being taught.

Bible videos give kids a chance to learn about Bible history through fun characters that they can relate to. These characters are colorful so that toddlers will remember them. There are many bible videos for sale online and in Christian stores. Parents are encouraged to read reviews of the material to see if what is displayed is in line with their ideals and beliefs.

One of the more popular video series comes from the company, Big Idea. They are the ones that produce VeggieTales. VeggieTales characters have found a place in the hearts of thousands of children in this world. Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber sing songs, play different roles, and also teach children about God through entertaining Bible stories.

For the toddler, they may not understand the stories well, but frequent viewing will help them to understand what the characters are doing. These characters sing songs in each video that are catchy. You’ll be surprised when your toddlers begin to sing along.

Kids remember more than we think they do. Providing them with biblically accurate video material will inspire questions as they get older. The kids will see these characters like Bob and Larry as role models for kids. Besides, watching veggies on television may be the most love a child shows a vegetable in their young life.

Many say it is not healthy for kids to watch a lot of television but it all depends on what they are watching. For toddlers, watching biblical videos won’t warp their minds but instead lay a foundation for their future faith in God. When Mom & Dad watch with them it makes it even more spiritual and children will learn the importance of family in God’s eyes.

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