Travel Games for Christian Kids

Travel Games for Christian Kids

I love a good trip. With the price of gas, shorter jaunts are more the norm now or one long trip where we can see everything in one swoop. For kids, sitting in a car for hours can be boring. Here are some ideas of Christian activities that can keep them busy when the family hits the road.

I used to love riding in the car. School was out or it was the weekend and I wanted to go and go and go. On the other hand, my kids get restless easy and don’t find it interesting to watch the trees go by the car in a blur. Maybe it’s the difference between boys and girls but there is a remedy.

Instead of singing “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall,” choose more wholesome games and travel songs to sing. Many travel games start in our imagination. We make them up as we go along and begin a new family tradition. No one has any hard and fast rules about these games; that’s why they are so cool. The game maker calls the shots.

How about the alphabet game? For each letter, come up with the name of someone in the Bible whose name also begins with that letter. Try to get all the way to “Z.” You can also do the same with numbers. Think of a solitary person in the Bible. Next go to two who were always together and so on.

Kids love to try to outsmart each other and their parents. Take turns telling stories from the Bible and let the others in the car try to guess which biblical person you are talking about. Does your car have a DVD player? Invest in some DVDs for the family to watch. The people in the front seat will have to listen instead of watch, but they can still participate in discussions and singing silly songs.

One of the most popular video series is Veggie Tales. Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber were my kid’s favorite friends when they were little. They still remember the songs even now. Who would have thought that singing vegetables would be such good role models? The stories are based in modern times and on characters that kids can relate to. The Bible stories use fun characters and props to tell the stories so that kids can understand the concepts.

Traveling doesn’t have to be boring. With the Bible as a guide, there are plenty of games that can be used to teach values and fun at the same time.

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